Newspaper Cuttings

27th AGM Public Notice 04.09.2022
Financial Result 27.05.2022
Financial Result 11.02.2022
Financial Result 11.11.2021
26th AGM Public Notice FinExpress(Hyd)-AGMNotice-08092021
Financial Result 10.08.2021
Financial Results 22.06.2021
Financial Results 11.02.2021
Newspaper Advertisement With Regard to Notice of the 26th Annual General Meeting And E-Voting (Telugu / English)
Financial Results on 12-11-2020
BM Notice on 05-11-2020
Financial Results on 15-09-2020
25th AGM Public Notice FinExpress(Hyd)-AGMNotice-08092020
25th AGM Public Notice Mn Telanagana (Hyd)-08092020
BM Notice FinExpress(Hyd)-08092020
BM Notice Mn Telanagana (Hyd)-08092020
AGM FinExpress(Hyd)-AGMNotice-09092020
AGM Mn Telanagana (Hyd)-AGMNotice-09092020
Dispatch Completion of 24th AGM Notice on 31/08/2019 (Telugu / English)
Financial Results on 03-11-2019
BM Notice on 25-10-2019
Financial Results on 14-08-2019
BM Notice on 07-08-2019
Financial Results on 10-05-2019
BM Notice on 03-05-2019
Financial Results on 08-02-2019
BM Notice on 01-02-2019
Financial Results on 14-11-2018
BM Notice on 04-11-2018
Financial Results on 14-08-2018
BM Notice on 07-08-2018
Dispatch Completion of 23rd AGM Notice on 27/08/2018 (Telugu / English)
Financial Results On 19-05-2018
BM Notice On 13-05-2018
Fianacial Results On 03-02-2018
BM Notice On 28-01-2018
Fianacial Results On 10-11-2017
BM Notice On 05-11-2017
Financial Results On 14-08-2017
BM Notice On 09-08-2017
Dispatch Completion of 22nd AGM Notice on 05/06/2017 (Telugu / English)
Financial Results On 29-05-2017
Postponement BM Notice 23-05-2017
BM Notice On 20-05-2017
Financial Results On 10-02-2017
BM Notice On 03-02-2017
Notice Under Seciton 201(2)(b)
Financial Results On 12-11-2016
BM Notice On 05-11-2016
Despatch Completion of 21st AGM Notice on 04/09/2016 (Telugu / English)
Financial Results On 14-08-2016
BM Notice 07-08-2016
Result of Postal Ballot on 09/07/2016 (Telugu / English)
Despatch Completion of Postal Ballot Notices 07/06/2016 (Telugu / English)
Financial Results On 22-05-2016
BM Notice On 14-05-2016
Financial Results On 06-02-2016
BM Notice On 29-01-2016