• The company implemented Steam Economy Equipment and achieved 38% Steam Economy from its earlier 49%. This has resulted in bagasse being saved which was used as fuel for running the distillery instead of buying coal. This has also helped to reduce the carbon emissions and shows the commitment of the company towards environment.

  • The Company facilitating the Farmers:
  •      by providing Crop Loans, Seed, Seed Links, Fertilizer, Pesticides, Drip irrigation equipment.
  •      Solar fencing to protect Sugar from wild bores
  •      Arranging Harvesting Labour by paying Advances
  •      Transportation of harvested Cane from Fields to Mills.
  • The company presently owned 3 Harvesting Machines to encourage the farmers by implementing Mechanized Cane Harvesting.

  • Company encouraged Farmers by arranging loans and at present the farmers have 12 Harevesting Machines.

  • The company is encouraging Drip Irrigation in Sugarcane. Seminars & Workshops are conducted to educate the farmers in latest cane farming to achieve higher yield per Acre.

  • Initiated Solar Fencing to the farmers to protect the cane from Wild boars.

  • Drip Irrigation Systems for Cane Cultivation has been encouraged aggressively and this has in turn helped the farmers by increasing their yields drastically from 28 MTS /Acre to 45 Mts/Acre and also helpful in saving precious water from being wasted.

  • The other schemes and technology also implemented are:

  •      Ratoon Management
  •      Deep Plough equipment
  •      Mini Tractors
  •      Harvesting Machines
  •      Solar Fencing to avoid Wild Boar impact on the cane
  •      Providing Seedlings to the Ratoon Farmers for gap filling to achieve good yields.
  • Model Farms have been developed in every mandal of the factory area where Drip irrigation, wider spacing , Fertigation, Solar Fencing have been implemented to create an awareness and thereby increase yields for farmers.


The company has been known for maintaining its quality and best practices and has been recognized for its excellent performance and was given awards year on year from 2012-13 onwards for the consistent improvement in areas of Technical efficiency in operations, Sugar cane development through drip irrigation, Co-generation of Power and Distiller Operations from South India Sugar cane and Sugar Technologists Association (SISSTA).

Very recently, the company bagged various Awards for the year 2019-20 and 2020- 21. The details are:

  • For the year 2019-20

  •      Platinum Award for Best Sugar Cane Development for Kamareddy Unit
  •      Silver Award for Best Distillery Performance for Kamareddy Unit
  •      Gold Award for Best Technical Efficiency for Nizamsagar Unit
  • For the year 2020-21

  •      Gold Award for Best Sugar Cane Development for Kamareddy Unit
  •      Gold Award for Best Co-Generation for Kamareddy Unit
  •      Silver Award for Best Technical Efficiency for Kamareddy Unit
  •      Silver Award for Best Distillery Performance for Kamareddy Unit
  •      Silver Award for Best Co-Generation for Nizamsagar Unit
2018-19Best Technical EfficiencyPlatinum Award
2018-19Best Sugar Cane DevelopmentPlatinum Award
2018-19Best Co-GenerationGolden Award
2017-18Best Co-GenerationPlatinum Award
2017-18Best Co-GenerationGolden Award
2015-16Best Co-GenerationPlatinum Award
2014-15Best Co-GenerationPlatinum Award
2014-15Best Technical EfficiencySilver Award
2014-15Best Sugarcane DevelopmentSilver Award
2012-13Best Co-GenerationPlatinum Award
2012-13Best Sugarcane DevelopmentGolden Award